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Our Herberg offers daytime activities for the elderly who are faced with demential symptoms and young adults  who are in a disadvantaged position within the labour market. Small-scaled, without any pressure. With the right time, attention and loving. From a desire for caring: together, for each other.

How was your day?

A day well spent; for work, for coming together, for inspiring conversations. That is what drives us, people. What if exactly these things vanish? What if this is cannot be achieved anymore?

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Our daytime activities programme for the elderly takes place Mondays up until Fridays in Herberg Welgelegen’s living room. Looked after by a passionate team of healthcare professionals and volunteers. Starting and living the day together. With a river view from the couch. A cup of coffee, some small talk. Relaxing without any burdens. The guest decides. Specific activities or just some rest. Everything is possible. It is your day after all.

Your well-being as our guest. That’s what it is all about. Your well-being and that of you as an (informal) caregiver or family member. We like to be present in that. For this we organise a caregiving-weekend twice a year during which various moments for being together take place, for (informal) caregivers and their partners.

Within the daytime activities for the (young) adults we work with varying schedules and working times for each day. The work mainly takes place within Herberg Welgelegen’s kitchen; the kitchen-crew*. Fitted to each person’s capabilities, everyone offers essential contributions to the crew. A vital part of Herberg Welgelegen. With professional support, the kitchen-crew provides for many of our guests and they take care of the HW Cafe dinners. A social meal for all ages on every Tuesday- and Thursday night.

*Some of the (young) adults in this group also help out during the daytime activities for the elderly .

Working in such a small-scaled location with such a diverse group of visitors, the house is always lively. Colourful. Like our society is. Many guests spend their day at our place; for work, a hotel visit, for meeting up or a good conversation. This is wat drives us. Our strength. This is what it means to be an inn.

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