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The caregiving-weekend is an entire weekend specifically organised for (informal) caregivers and their partners. It is open for both new visitors and regular guests of the daytime activities in Herberg Welgelegen. The check-in takes place on Friday and on Sunday morning we say goodbye. A weekend to meet fellow caregivers, to relax and to have some fun. Our care professionals will be around to help out, day and night, supported by a big devoted group of volunteers. Where extra care is required we can, after consultation, arrange medical help.
Be welcome to ask any questions and inquire about the programme for this weekend

Price: €209,- p.p. breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Herberg Welgelegen. A home of character with renewing decisiveness within healthcare. Driven by deep feelings of necessity and a true-hearted desire for proper care. Looking after each other through this care. Unaffected by targets, a surplus of regulations and corporate structures. Professional care, pushed forward by passion and worked out by the heart.

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