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Our Herberg offers daytime activities for the elderly who are faced with demential symptoms and young adults who are in a disadvantaged position within the labour market. Small-scaled, without any pressure. With the right time, attention and loving. From a desire for caring: together, for each other.

Daytime activities

Herberg Welgelegen cooperates with the municipalities of Katwijk, Noordwijk, Noordwijkerhout and Teylingen. You can request referral for this form of care for the elderly if you are a resident in one of the municipalities.

Care-giving weekend

The caregiving-weekend is an entire weekend specifically organised for (informal) caregivers and their partners. It is open for both new visitors and regular guests of the daytime activities in Herberg Welgelegen.

HW Cafe

Twice a week, on Tuesday- and Thursday night, we serve a meal in our restaurant: HW Cafe. Our kitchen-crew, staffed by the young adults of the daytime activities, takes care of preparing and serving these delicious meals. They are supported by our volunteers and supervised by the chef and sous-chef.

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