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Herberg Welgelegen | Where professional care and catering meet.

Where people are empowered instead of excluded. Where community and care reconnect. Social and sustainable engagement. Along with responsibility for people and the world. Because together we carry the weight of the world, while the world carries us. So let’s take care of it.


On March 2nd 2015 we write; Herberg Welgelegen opens its doors. Driven by deep feelings of necessity and a true-hearted desire for proper care. Better care, affordable for everyone. Looking after each other through care. Unaffected by targets and a surplus of regulations and corporate structures. Professional and durable care, pushed forward by passion and worked out by the heart.

The location fits our ambition; a concept in which care can be provided in an entrepreneurial and innovating way through commercial activities. With the right time, attention and loving for every individual. Based on Christian belief and the idea that there is nothing more fulfilling than making the world a better place.

“Our ambitions are part of an even greater vision. Making the world a better place.”


Care is not a linear process. There is no given path that guarantees great care. There is no single truth. You have to discover yourself, stay focused and write your ideals on the walls of your desire. Stay on the road, celebrate success, keep evaluating and once in a while, dare to take a road that hasn’t been taken before. This all, is what we believe in. Make this your plan and follow the steps. Is it a big ambition? Yes. Impossible? No, although we still learn every day. On our compass we find people.

“Our ideals guide the organisation. And they have proved themselves. The business model is working out, and efficiency enables Welgelegen to be self-sufficient.”

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