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Mayor’s house

Herberg Welgelegen, the former town hall of Valkenburg, is rich in history. Its first purpose after construction in 1895 was housing the managers of one of the pan factories that could be found alongside the Old Rhine river. Welgelegen functioned as a mayoral house up until the twenties of the twentieth century. Various families resided in the house after that.


In 1967 the house was renovated by a wine trader (G.A.M. de Bruijn) who sold it in 1976 to the municipality, which thereupon adapted the building to operate as town hall. The early entrance on the south of the building was closed and a new entrance was created on the east side of the building. The original conservatory on the riverside was replaced by an addition in 1979 that was extended in 2003 to what it is today. Moreover, the head entrance was extended then.

On March 1st 2015 Herberg Welgelegen opened its doors after a thorough renovation. A location for daytime activities for small-scaled care. This care can be financed by municipal contributions and part of the revenues from commercial activities. Read more about our mission.

“Good care doesn’t depend on money, it depends on the way it is managed.” 
  Cees van der Meij, owner of Herberg Welgelegen

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