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Herberg Welgelegen offers daytime activities, 5 days per week, for elderly people who are faced with demential symptoms. Additionally in Herberg Welgelegen you will find a special kitchen-crew. This crew is a unique group of young adults who are in a disadvantaged position within the labour market. Within our Herberg they are offered a place to work, along with the time and space they need for developing their talents and a safe environment in which their personal needs can be provided.

Our core activity is providing care. Through professional, passionate and substantive commercial activities we are able to generate revenues. Herberg Welgelegen is a social enterprise where care and entrepreneurship take place side by side. We don’t just dream of improvements, we are ready for action. Hospitality is our primary value, customer service; a place of quality.

Our team

We find an excellent team in our (healthcare) professionals. They are the ones that provide you and all other guests with a home away from home. Every day. For all ages. For hotel guests and corporate clients. A place to relax, to learn, a place to meet. A place to enjoy a well-deserved retirement.

We run this together. Supported by an important group of volunteers. Who show great dedication and devotion. Every day we are touched by their keenness and commitment. We hope you will experience the same once you get to know our place and employees!

Herberg Welgelegen is an Historical place. Our home – which is yours as well.

A small-scaled enterprise run by an enthusiastic and diverse Team 

Our ambitions are part of an even greater vision. Making the world a better place: that is our Mission

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